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Senin, 13 Februari 2017


Hi guys, i wanna share about my friend. Her name is Mari Bankova. She's a blogger like me. We meet each other when she came to Jakarta. She works in the same company as me and at the same position as Coordinator, actually, hehe..

Something that i like from her are because she's so friendly and we have the same hobbies. Her blog talks about travel, so we can call her travel blogger. You can find her blog in this domain .

In her blog, she wrote so many places that she has ever visited. I knew she love Indonesia, because in her blog, she said, she want to revisit Bintan. Yes, Bintan beach is so beautiful. I had visited there when i was in Batam, you can see my blog about Bintan here.

Back to Mari. As a travel blogger she write about beautiful places consistently. You're not only find the articles about good place. She also wrote tips and trick for travel, base on her experience. The one of my favorite categories is "Food Paradise". You know lah, i do love food and eat so much hahaha lol.

We plan to meet again. She said, she will bring me go around to some good places in Singapore. (Sssstt, she knew i love craft and cat. Maybe she will bring me go there) hahahaha... *I wish*

So, yaaa. Let's go visiting her blog and don't forget to subscribe, you'll get many information in there. And also you can find her social media, below :

Facebook, Instagram, Google+.

See you on my next articles.

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