Hello! Nice to meet you. Thank you for visit my personal blog. I'm Andria Nur Wahyu. People call me "An" or "Ndri". I'm a mother of a cuteness boy and a wife of a 3D artist.

Welcome to my blog, in this blog I share all my experience and review about baby stuff, decoration, place, and craft.

I'm a working mom also, so I have a lot of tons story about how I live with my son and how exciting to be a working mom. It will be interesting to share it with you guys. In-office I work as a senior production coordinator at one of an animation studio in Jakarta. In this studio, I've been work for some animation series for Disney and Nickelodeon. To be a producer is my future goal and hopefully, I can reach it soon.

For more info about me, please kindly visit my linkedin.

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